UFOs and Other NASA Baloney


The 1 mile diameter T-528 in Earth’s atmosphere, photo courtesy of Getty Images

NOW, the US government is starting to say, there maybe UFOs and they have proof? Gee, I wonder how much they are interested in admitting? Several astronauts were threatened to lose their pensions if they made what they knew and saw public. US Presidents and other Earth leaders have attended meetings of the Intergalactic Council, as have several private citizens down through the years. Some of these visits date back thousands of years, while others have attended in recent years.

The Intergalactic Council, is the name given to the Ruling Government body of the entire Universe. All populated planets located in every galaxy of the Universe sends their elected delegates to get questions answered and settle problems. Earth is not an active member due to radical beliefs promoted on this planet. Lies have destroyed what could have been an eternal peaceful existence.

In 1947, outside Roswell, New Mexico a small survey craft of unknown origin supposedly crashed or was shot down. All remains of the craft and it’s occupants were moved to Wright Patterson Air Force base, Dayton Ohio starting what was called Project BlueBook. Sometime during 1956, Colonel Gray who was in charge of Project BlueBook, assisted unknown cohorts in moving all records and evidence from Wright Patterson at night, to a facility known as Area 51, Groom Lake, NV. Colonel Gray never returned to Wright Patterson, but took a position of ambassador to other populated planets in our solar system. He learned and was trained to work with the governments of Mars and Venus. NASA has worked very hard to keep this information from getting out to the public.