Pyramids of Egypt, and MORE!

History is Mostly LIES!

Shelby knows the TRUTH, History is Mostly LIES!

Ancient History is NOT what you’ve been told!

Shelby does NOT mean to short Mexico, where an archeological dig produced findings that were carbon-dated to over 500,000 BC. It was decided that a drug cartel should build their compound on this exact site to discourage further excavations. The picture contained in the banner above, shows both Inca building methods, and pre-Inca construction technics of which the Inca people were never capable of. The original stones are precisely formed to a tolerance of 1/100th of an inch. Thus they have no mortar holding them in place for it was not needed. These stones are cut from granite by use of very hard blades with extreme power. Trafalgarized metal blades turned by giant electric motors, technology not even available on Earth today.

Machu Pic’chu: Clear Evidence Of A Pre-Inca Megalithic Core At The Site

alignment of 10,553 BC

The exact alignment of 10,553 BC

In the year 10,553 BC the three pyramids aligned with the three stars in Orion’s Belt. This fact has been known for thousands of years, but the present day Egyptians do want this fact known to the public. In the years of 2018 & 2019 a very in-depth documentary was done by National Geographic. For awhile it was on YouTube, then it was moved to Amazon for sale at the price of $172 for the video. The mainstream scientific community did not want it available to the public at any price, History Books would have to be rewritten.

They want to promote Star Wars, StarTrek, and the new Tomorrow War movie, which portray everything having evolved from nothing. Every civilization having developed hap-hazardly to look like they want people to believe. Not as designed by the one creator God billions of years ago. People of all worlds waiting for the moment to attack the superior civilization on Earth because they are jealous of our technology. Battlestar Galactica was the most well written story, with just an ongoing battle of Good verses EVIL.

Below are two YouTube videos that will show you how ridiculous the common teaching of History has been allowed to become. Most public schools worldwide are used not to educate, but to Dumb Down students. Thus they believe everything evolved from nothing, thus there is no hope for their future. Now, since many schools have CLOSED due to the so-called PANDEMIC and teachers unions have refused to teach students another problem. MOST students have lost interest in their studies and are NOT able to enter any college worth attending.

Pyramids Of Dashur Egypt: Ancient Acoustic Devices

Claimed to be tombs of Pharaohs, the two massive pyramids at Dashur in Egypt were in fact built as massive resonance chambers thousands of years before the dynastic Egyptians ever existed. Join us in March 2017 and see for yourself. Link below for the tour:

Brien Foerster

Lost Ancient Technology Of Jordan: Petra