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In the first book: “The Dreams of Shelby Gore”, we told you about a sixteen year old girl who was willing to take on Organized Crime. Shelby, her family and friends even had to challenge the US Government to ensure their continued existence.

As you have lately noticed in the NEWS, you are being LIED to.

In the second of the Su-ZQ series, we will be giving YOU, our readers some undisputable facts. Things the public schools do NOT want you to know. Facts like who really built the Giza pyramids, which were actually completed for the year 10,553 BC, long before there was an Egypt. Like back in the 1800’s the Egyptians dug them out of the sand that had collected from the neglect of 2,000 years.

Moses in the Bible was NOT known as Moses to the Egyptians, he was a former Pharaoh who had given up his thrown. His descendants became the kings of Ireland & Scotland; their wives were daughters of Zedekiah the last king of Judah. The daughters were taken to Egypt by Jeremiah when the rest of the Jewish people were taken to Babylon as slaves. The Egyptian Pharaoh of that time, adopted the two daughters of Zedekiah as his own, then arranged their marriage to the kings of Ireland and Scotland. People of that day were traveling much farther than you’ve been led to believe.