Shelby is Healthy

The world is a hurried place, though some people have less time to travel than others. This is the situation of Shelby Gore who went from a very active high school Sophomore to helping her Dad’s boss oversee the business. This sixteen year-old had never taken the time to get her driver’s licence. Working out to stay healthy: running 2 miles, doing a 30-minute routine with two kettlebells, swimming, and riding her horse took up any extra time of a student keeping her 4.0 GPA.

Shelby does have goals, being Cedarville’s track star, captain of the A-string cheerleaders for baseball, basketball, and football; this girl’s family do not own one TV. Computers have been her entertainment medium since before turning one year-old.

Over the years, there have been many rumors about this teenager. For the last six years many high school students will do most anything to be invited to the Friday night parties at the Gore home. The Gores live on west Main in a large white painted brick ranch style home. The house sets back one hundred fifty feet from the street, with a very large PRIVATE backyard. What the students are real crazy about is the 12 person hot-tub/spa on the screened in back porch. It comes with foul-weather curtains and an outdoor propane fireplace so the parties have been year-round no matter the weather. Hey, it sure beats trying to find a deserted back-road to park and getting harassed by the cops.