On the Cedar River

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Beautiful Cedar River

Beautiful Cedar River is the Water source for Lake Camelot.

Shelby gets better every day

Shelby gets better every day

The people of Mtn. High, Missouri enjoy fishing, swimming, and boating on Lake Camelot. This is the only access on the Cedar River in this area for many miles. The lake dates back to before 1900 according to locals who have lived in this area for many years. The county courthouse records show it belongs to Carter/Johnson Investments as a nonprofit, and is maintained by that group.

The lake is formed by a dam installed on the far-north end of the open pit area of the immense Carter Quarry. This quarry is still active, but has moved underground for the last hundred plus years.

Much of the underground portion of this quarry houses the PSL/U.S.A.F. joint venture Advanced Aircraft assembly plant, started in the early 1950s. The craft built within this facility are TOP SECRET, and are rumored to be alien spacecraft (flying saucers).

Many within the US Government have raised concerns about such a facility being allowed to exist. These are the same people who do not want the public to know about the NASA run mining camp on Mars. The facility has been in full operation since 1968, delivering ore shipments to Area 52, Dugway, UT. The triangular craft used in this operation only require 33 hours each way.

Old Man Carter

rare photo, Old Man Carter

Emerald Carter

Emerald Carter

Management of this facility is the sole responsibility of General Xavier Emerson and T-era Rodriquez, who handle the financial affairs of Old Man Carter.

No one including US Presidents have met this man, some say he is just a myth and does NOT exist. Others say he met in person with the George Washington and the First Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

Stories like this is why few people believe this man is for real. Locals in Mtn. High say he has four beautiful young oriental wives, and they live out on Carter Island, across the armed guarded steel bridge that goes out over Lake Camelot. People with boats have tried to reach the Island, they can NOT reach this area of the lake which is shrouded in fog all the time.

Diamond Carter Sapphire Carter Ruby Carter

Above are photos of the four Carter wives: Diamond who operates “Diamonds” a high security resort with 3 PGA sanctioned courses, and 1250 suite 5-Star Crown Jewel Hotel. The location is on the Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri. Sapphire and Ruby spend much or their time doing necessary clean-up work for the Old Man and other family members. Emerald travels with Michael Carter as his full-time assistant.

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